here in the corner of this walled-garden.

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i wore a long black skirt that day, and had thrown a pink polo on as an afterthought – my outfits were all over the place in college. the sun shone into the square, draping the windows in a light gold. i saw him ride up on his bike, as planned, and pull up to our corner. he climbed up the slope of grass and sat down under the shade of a tree.

i approached him, heart quickening like a girl with a crush too big for her, and sat down by his side. the grass felt pleasantly cold beneath my fingertips, brightly green and protected by the arms of the tree above us. here in the corner of this walled-garden, on this sunlit afternoon, we too were safe, we too were glowing.

i straightened my skirt and laid down, my head reclining into his lap, and smiled quietly into his kind, brown eyes. he brushed my hair gently behind my right ear and smiled:

“you are beautiful.”

i believed him then. we were perfect then.

it is one of the few memories of us i recall in such detail.


on the 20th.

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looking through these recent entries, there is an odd pattern. i’ve written one entry per month, each published on the 20th.

october 20th.
november 20th.
december 20th.

what is it about this day of the month that unleashes unto the world what i keep in the dark all other 29 days ?

tonight, at 1:15am, we will see the moon glow red, and coincide with the winter solstice. this has not happened in 372 years. this makes me feel giddy and small all at the same time.

how i wish a writer in cold dark russia would be so inspired by tonight’s event that he take this small but extraordinary blip in the history of All Things Beautiful and transform it into The Great Love Story. and having once read it, remind our sad souls the things we forget.

how timing, at precise intersections, can extract all color from the world.

or, for the struggling optimist, how it can recreate and give birth to Light.

remember that the world cannot know Dark without life-giving and precious Light.

just as we can’t fully grasp Joy rushing through our weightless bodies without heart-stopping, breath-cutting, soul-violating, Gutting Pain.

tonight, 150,000 lives will see the last of their days. 380,000 will see their first.

wishing the best to us to all tonight.

moments of quiet.

09/20/2010 § 1 Comment

i relish these nights, where i sit and do nothing. except i don’t do nothing. rather, i grow into a quiet and amused observer of these walls that surround me and attempt each time to sculpt the empty air. in moments my fingers have plotted what they understand to be The World, if only so that they may reconfigure the edges of the fractured beauty into what i once glimpsed as The World Beyond.


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melissa textor

you build them up, they break you down.
mountains, valleys.



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helena sundin

long ago i dreamt that i would be, one day.

but i’m learning that

if nothing hurt, nothing would matter.

i think.

the very last line:

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“i’m going to go find my next story.”

life is just a string of stories, isn’t it ? we move on from one, and on towards another. like a boat in the middle of the ocean — rocking between waves, through the storms.

So very much.

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“Can you understand? Someone, somewhere, can you understand me a little, love me a little? For all my despair, for all my ideals, for all that – I love life. But it is hard, and I have so much – so very much to learn.”


i get lost in the waves.

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