otis x try a little tenderness.

06/30/2010 § Leave a comment

a girl with long legs and an infectious smile is hula hooping outside the window.

it’s past midnight.

a man walks by with wilting roses in his arms, unwrapped.

taxis are filing down the street, windows down.

otis is telling you to try, try a little tenderness.

“all you got to do…”

it’s just one of those nights.


ella x i’ve got the world on a string.

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sitting at the coffeeshop on the corner,
working late into the night,
ella fitzgerald taking over my soul.

“i’m sitting on a rainbow…”

think nice thoughts.

01/30/2010 § 5 Comments

look: yerin mok
listen: lykke li x tonight

i am going to look at this picture and listen to this song and feel better than i did earlier.


12/01/2009 § 1 Comment


a: youth is wasted on the young.
b: i’d go further.
b: i’d go… life is wasted on people.

(greenberg, 2010)

listen: passion pit x live to tell the tale


happy first day of december. don’t let it go to waste.


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