on quiet and zombies.

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i have a new appreciation for zombie movies.

earlier tonight, we lingered outside the theater after “the crazies” ended — my sister, her boyfriend, his roommates, her guy best friend who had driven up from philly just hours before without a rearview mirror. it was the first time i’d ever officially hung out with them all at once and it was nice. one of the roommates had eagerly gotten the whole group together, the smile never leaving his face. his love for zombies was contagious.

we spoke about his absolute favorites — dawn of the dead, zombieland, 28 days, 28 weeks later, and on…

me: what do you love the most about zombie movies ?
him: you really want to know ? okay. there are beautiful scenes in there. i love the landscape, the quiet. the lull before the chaos. that’s what i love the most.


not often, but occasionally.

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Joe Miller: What do you love about the law, Andrew?
Andrew Beckett:
I… many things… What I love the most about the law?
Joe Miller:
Andrew Beckett:
It’s that every now and again – not often, but occasionally – you get to be a part of justice being done. That really is quite a thrill when that happens.


the sister and i love lawyer movies.

seeing the world through a mist.

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every now and then, california surprises me. my friend and i made our way through the fog by ferry one day and there was something so soothing about the sound of water, and the inability to see very far beyond. even so, one still keeps going. empty ferris wheels and chocolate-covered bananas might just await you.

what did you feel ?

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the young man carefully chooses a stone.

this one.

he hands it to her.

what is it ?

a stone letter.

a stone letter ?

long ago, before writing, you’d send someone a stone
that suited the way you were feeling.
from its weight and touch, they’d know how you felt.
from a smooth stone they might get that you were happy,
or from a rough one that you were worried about them.

she closes her eyes, smiles and clasps the stone tightly.

thank you.

what did you feel ?

she smiles.

not telling.

(おくりびと, okuribito)
directed by yōjirō takita

DEPARTURES made me smile and ache all at once, moving me so deeply beyond words. all i could do throughout was utter the names of loved ones, to bring them closer to where i am. everyone i love is so far away. i wish i had stone letters to give.

sitting in the quiet of venice beach.

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this looks like summer but it’s really fall. i had a nice quiet moment here. after i returned to my friend over at the skate park, he noted that even from afar, he could tell i was at peace, me and my moleskine, sitting by the water. he wished he could have joined me, he said.

happy love day.

on our way to dc one morning.

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on our way to dc one morning, i fell asleep and woke up to see this large body of water before me. i dreamt myself into the silky blue, floating on my back, face to the light. we seemed so close i felt i could almost touch it. the water i mean. maybe the sky too.

reading by the light of battery park.

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i had been reading on a bench by the water, that afternoon. when i finally looked up, to my surprise, evening had fallen and the street lamps had turned on. out on the glistening water, the buildings seemed to rise, from beneath the melancholy violet of the coming night. i love new york in these small moments.

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