how did we get here ?

01/10/2011 § 1 Comment

he hadn’t felt like himself in 6 years, he said.

in 13 days, we will have been in each other’s lives for exactly that long.

the first is the result of the second.

the cold realization took my breath away, and i sat in the passenger
seat, stunned, trying desperately to recognize the face before me.

how could two people who once loved each other so much, get here ?

how do you shake the despair from the knowledge that you’ve given 6 years
to an illusion ? that you may have broken this person without knowing it ?
and that you can’t fault each other because we tried to make each other happy.
but tell me, what sort of sick happiness is that ?

maybe what i’ve found here is the cruelest lie of all:
those who are not as they seem.

don’t ever let yourself go there, and blame it on someone else.


§ One Response to how did we get here ?

  • linda says:

    😦 I know it’s a rhetorical question, but I really don’t know.

    p.s. I had this exact theme/layout on food blog and it kept dying on me because it generated too much overhead. Don’t know what that means.

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