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melissa textor

you build them up, they break you down.
mountains, valleys.




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another nightmare.



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helena sundin

long ago i dreamt that i would be, one day.

but i’m learning that

if nothing hurt, nothing would matter.

i think.

the very last line:

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“i’m going to go find my next story.”

life is just a string of stories, isn’t it ? we move on from one, and on towards another. like a boat in the middle of the ocean — rocking between waves, through the storms.

at home.

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my little apartment feels more like home every day.

i felt it when i replaced the paper window shade with the grey ruffled curtains i’ve dreamed about. i felt it when one of my best friends called me and made me laugh as i had my legs perched over my new chairs. i felt it this morning when i stretched in bed and saw the sun peep through, teasing my floral bedspread. i felt it earlier as i grabbed freshly bought avocados and radishes out of my fridge and made a light lunch. i felt it now as i looked at myself in the mirror, fresh-faced, sans makeup, feeling strangely beautiful and at peace.

so this is what it feels like ?

i’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

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