otis x try a little tenderness.

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a girl with long legs and an infectious smile is hula hooping outside the window.

it’s past midnight.

a man walks by with wilting roses in his arms, unwrapped.

taxis are filing down the street, windows down.

otis is telling you to try, try a little tenderness.

“all you got to do…”

it’s just one of those nights.


ella x i’ve got the world on a string.

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sitting at the coffeeshop on the corner,
working late into the night,
ella fitzgerald taking over my soul.

“i’m sitting on a rainbow…”


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last night, i had a dream that asked me to choose, and i couldn’t.

i rolled out of bed this morning, turned on the shower, and started to cry.

it was so odd, crying after a memory that never was.

but it was nice to feel something so strongly. even if only to be sad.


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and the livin’ is easy.

this weather amazes — it took moving to new york to realize that i love summer maybe even more than spring, that which i’ve insisted on loving all my life. the flower buds, the growing warmth, the morning dew ? it would make so much sense why i would.

isn’t it crazy, then, that you can love something for so long and one ordinary day find that you can love something else just as much ? it doesn’t entirely make sense — the sweltering heat, the sweat on bare backs, the constant thirst. but it exhilarates nonetheless.

who knew there was so much room to give in these little hearts of ours. it may be more frightening than reassuring.

you have a fire inside…

06/07/2010 § 1 Comment

…she tells me.

i can feel it, i tell her.

but what do i do with it ?

berry pickin.

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to wake early, to be out in nature, to pick a fruit from its tree, to feel the sun on your back, to smell the sweet fragrance cling to the hot air — this i have missed.

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