what did you feel ?

02/15/2010 § Leave a comment

the young man carefully chooses a stone.

this one.

he hands it to her.

what is it ?

a stone letter.

a stone letter ?

long ago, before writing, you’d send someone a stone
that suited the way you were feeling.
from its weight and touch, they’d know how you felt.
from a smooth stone they might get that you were happy,
or from a rough one that you were worried about them.

she closes her eyes, smiles and clasps the stone tightly.

thank you.

what did you feel ?

she smiles.

not telling.

(おくりびと, okuribito)
directed by yōjirō takita

DEPARTURES made me smile and ache all at once, moving me so deeply beyond words. all i could do throughout was utter the names of loved ones, to bring them closer to where i am. everyone i love is so far away. i wish i had stone letters to give.


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