a slight curve here.

01/27/2010 § 2 Comments

(balboa island, ca)

i know one guy with a detailed life plan and now, after tonight, another guy with a life’s mission. how interesting it would be to be so absolutely sure of what one wants to accomplish or fight for, for the rest of one’s days. it undoubtedly leads to a more focused approach to each day, which is a good thing, right ?

but for some reason, i’m okay letting my own “plan” evolve at its own pace for the time being. there are those days it frustrates me that i’m getting older — a friend helped me discover that i am very keen on accomplishing things at a “young” age and am thus very observant of the age range around me — and that time has been passing infinitely more quickly in recent years, but i am trying very much to enjoy the process by staying curious, aware, and open to the adventures i stumble upon.

looking down on where i’ve been and where i may be going, i can almost make out the outline of a small river, steadily tracing a path towards a singular destination. a slight curve here, a few jutting rocks there, it travels and adjusts itself as needed, though not without the occasional detour into lovely, sometimes secret coves hidden under weeping willows.


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