to (re)capture the rapture.

01/20/2010 § 1 Comment


as penned by my dear friend kony (the above, and the below):

“I believe that when life simply passes without being recorded, without being probed and prodded through narrative filters, much of life’s value dissipates. Since I believe this, and since I believe the inverse — that writing about life both captures and enhances its meaning — I will act accordingly.

The challenge stands. It calls for the attention of a writer, the purpose of a storyteller, the insight and discipline of a reflective and responsible human being. These are qualities and roles into which I aspire to grow. So here ends the literary drought.”

her words, before we met and perhaps even more so thereafter, challenge me time and time again. i appreciate that so much in a friend, and am one lucky girl to be able to call her one. soon, she will return to new york after a too-brief stay and i eagerly anticipate k&k time:)

in the meantime, i will attempt, in her words, “to recapture the rapture”. if anything, it just sounds like a fiercely beautiful thing. and indeed, it is nothing less.


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