01/20/2010 § Leave a comment


i woke up with my heart racing, fighting my way out of a merciless forest.

he gave me a head start, as if he knew i couldn’t ever get away. we were on an island after all, where could i go ? outside, giant white paper dolls hung from listless trees, and through the window i could see someone desperately try to blow them away. pointless really, but maybe when we are scared, we instinctively choose to fight the smaller battles.

every one i knew had left to save themselves and already i was behind. i finally set off running. and so he followed, silently, steadily. i could sense him taking his time. was he enjoying this ? as fast as i ran, as far as i traveled, i could feel him around me, underneath my running feet, observing my movements from above. he had, for reasons unbeknownst to the world, chosen me as his greatest prize.

what frightened me most, was how perfectly human he appeared.

there are so many mysteries in life, but this i knew:
he was everything i feared and the only thing of which i was absolutely, immovably certain.


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