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life is full of magic. on some other night, i may have meant the magic of watching a sun set through pink and purple clouds past a ferris wheel from atop a building in paris. or, on another night, a shooting star piercing the black sky in front of your eyes as you lay face up on a friend’s front yard. but on this night, this very normal night, i mean the magic that seeps through the space between words and laughter and dreams and precious time shared by people you love.

i’m going to look back on this ordinary monday evening and smile because it is special to me in a way that a favorite blanket is special to someone on a cold winter night. working alongside my siblings, snacking on toast smothered in a lox and avocado spread i concocted seconds ago, reading pages of anna karenina, giggling over ridiculous movie scenes we watched over the weekend as we play them back from memory, remembering a particular cher song reference in one of said movies, subsequently playing said cher song on repeat, singing along with sister, later switching to el perro del mar for something more “appropriate” and “artsy” while the cher song is still stuck in our heads…

… there’s magic in that.

finding magic in the big things doesn’t always mean you’ll find it in the little things. but, finding it in the little things, i think, will almost always mean you’ll find it everywhere else.

there’s magic in that too.


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