a letter from julie.

12/19/2009 § Leave a comment

saw this in my inbox just now, dedicated to about ten of us, and i’m touched.

thanks for your words, julie. you are a dear, kind soul.

“This is dedicated to all of you: the INSPIRING individuals who choose not to wait for the world to change but instead choose to change the world yourself!!

  • from opening your heart, giving an ear, and just listening and helping the homeless
  • to empowering the local Asian American community
  • to spending 2+ yrs of your life in rural India to help improve the local community
  • to spreading the passion & concern resulting in providing rural communities access to clean drinking water/ building farms in rural Vietnam/ donating bone marrow/ and sooo much more!!
  • to collecting books for the local community
  • to choosing to dedicate your life to helping the next generation be better and achieve more than what they think they can do
  • to championing equality for everyone to be entitled to happiness
  • to your dedication to having a greener cleaner planet
  • to volunteering volunteering volunteering! and just giving your time for others
  • to every mile yall have ran/biked/ hiked to raise money for multiple causes
  • to saving the world!
  • to sooo much more that yall have done that I have not listed, but especially
  • to YOU not being afraid to share your heart to the world!!

There’s no such thing as a project too big or small – thank you for being so inspiring!!

my 2010 will be dedicated to trying to even achieve 1/4th of what yall have amazingly done. yeah I skipped xmas and already went straight to new yrs.

Who said one person can’t change the world? I know of at least 10 who are all over this country and internationally (yeah yall cover Cali to New York to Michigan to Texas to China,) but I know it doesn’t really matter where yall are! The world needs more people like each one of you…

Thank you.

later added:

there are those who just sit around and dream. and then there are those who believe. and that is the difference. yall are the ones who believe. and yall have made me a believer.

all you hear about is the bad in this world, and those who do so much to help are sometimes forgotten. if all we see is the bad, then what an empty world we are in! people are sooo freaking self centered these days and think happiness costs money, when happiness can just come from an ounce of care. and time is worth more than money. that’s what people forget.

I’m sick of people saying I don’t have time, I don’t have money, I don’t have this, I don’t have that, and what do I get out of it? what I am getting from everyone is that you don’t have time to help yourself. we live in a world with lots of negative, but nobody is willing to do anything to try to even change it. and for those who ask: what do you get out of it??? just knowing that somewhere… just some where in this world, your efforts have made some good to at least one person.

people keep saying their efforts won’t matter, but I just wanted to point out with only 10 people and look what yall have done!! that’s how many employees many of the Fortune 500 companies started their business out with if not less, and look how much they are integrated into our lives now. sooo why can’t that happen with people just trying to change the world for better and have doing good integrated into our lives? is it cuz we don’t make money off of it?

I know that I’m sucha idealist. but hey, let me dream. only I’ve realized that dreaming doesn’t change much. trying is believing.

that’s why I say: thank you.”



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