with such a conscience.

12/15/2009 § Leave a comment

Tami: I love that about you.
: What? That I can’t make a decision to save my life?
: No. That you make the decision with such a conscience. What other coach would think like that? I think it’s because you’re a teacher first. You–you are a molder of men. And I find that admirable, and I find that very sexy.
Eric: You know what. I’m going to have to ruminate on that a little more since you find that so sexy.


coach taylor is an admirable man. he has his faults, but he cares. he cares when other people wouldn’t think twice, and every decision he makes is a reflection of that incredible heart and devotion he has for those under his protection and tutelage. he exercises tough love, but they always know: he stands by them, he protects them, he believes in them. it’s in his eyes. and most of all, he does that which is so rare among us, he uplifts them to their greatest height.

tami’s right — it’s sexy.


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