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dream log no.004

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carlo van de roer

so many vivid dreams, caused by the sharp interruption of sleep, and the willful act of falling back shortly thereafter.

i dreamt of s and his living room, his curly, tousled hair and lazy smile even though in real life it is firm and his hair is never an inch out of line. i dreamt of a party, the girls he waved away, the brief apparition of his mother, the timid way in which his eyes held mine, so perfectly and sweetly out of character.

i dreamt of the next day, lost in a bumbling sea of people forming lines to leave this place, pushing my way through to find him. in the chaos, i came face to face with d, with a gift in hand. a photograph of john mayer, signed to “van” with personal written instructions on where i should go and where he would go and perhaps we would meet in the middle ?

undeterred, i continued to run, to desperately look for s, and woke up in doing so. i opened my eyes. why had i dreamt s as someone else ?

somewhere in this dream, i had seen l, spent time with l. but what exactly of l ? i can’t place it exactly; the shapes refuse to form. but i recall the warmth in my heart. and it lingers there now.

all i want for christmas…

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… i already have.

happy holidays.:)

avocado + shrimp + tomato

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my favorite meals are the simple ones. simple ingredients, simple steps, but nonetheless mouth-watering. having low blood sugar, these meals are supremely useful when i feel faint and have to eat in 5 minutes or risk looking sickly.

earlier this week, taking inspiration from annabel, i happily threw together avocado, grape tomatoes, and shrimp for one a ridiculously delicious salad. prepared in no less than 7 minutes. so good.

keeping it minimal a la mark bittman, the preparation goes like this: chop red onion & garlic, slice grape tomatoes in half, cube avocados and cooked shrimp. mix together in bowl, in that order. add olive oil, vinegar (or lemon juice), sea salt and pepper to taste.

like with all my recipes, the proportions should be to your liking. me particularly, i’m an avocado girl.

bat for lashes, handwritten letters, making plans

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you know what that is up there ? that’s the making of a good night. i’m a joy-filled camper my heart’s swelling so big.

there’s nothing like receiving page after page of stories buried deep, secrets, hopes, penned by a friend, to you. thank you for sharing your heart with me.

letter from north carolina, letter opener gifted by nhu & michelle, ring from a special night.

listen: bat for lashes x sleep alone


globes, pearls, dripping glass.

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i can’t help myself. whenever i enter an anthropologie store, my camera takes on a life of its own. inside the stores live tiny, dreamy worlds, populated with lovely things like boats that fly on patterned sails, sparkling compasses, and the first initials of all past and future lovers floating above your head. a few years ago, the store carried what they called ‘the amelie sofa’. i think most living rooms could use a so-named sofa.

through a prism.

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maybe i would understand the world a lot better through these glasses.

source: prism

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