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“one day, i thought — fuck it — and i went out. the streets were heaving with people. i felt very alive. i kept walking and walking, through the east village and then down and back along long roads. my mind started opening up, and my heart lifted. it was there on st. marks, that i discovered black sparrow press and all the books that would change my life. suddenly, it didn’t matter to me that i didn’t know anyone. the city had adopted me, taken me into her arms, loved me for everything i had been, was then, and was to become one day. i belonged somewhere, for the first time.”


i’m reading these love letters to america and i’m tearing. a lot of the ones that strike home are incidentally about new york. i don’t know what it means other than i can relate. in the 1.5 years that i’ve lived here, i’ve grown to love new york more than i ever expected to. in fact, before i came, i was sure that the real new york would not match the new york i dreamt of all these years. it’s so cliche to gush about this place, but it feels right, and rings true to my soul. walt whitman says i shouldn’t ever accept anything less.


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