rocks and caves and dreams.

11/08/2009 § 2 Comments

andrew scott ross – rocks and caves

i’ve been needing a day like this, where you wake up slowly to natural light and eat leftovers from the night before that are even better a day later. (thank you, veselka.) then reserving quality time with a good friend, whom you meet at the museum of arts and design to marvel at andrew scott ross’ tiny, intricate worlds cut out of paper and unknowingly break the rules by taking photos and proceed to laugh at madame albright’s wit, cross the street to read and write in the evening light of the columbus circle statue, burn your lips on utterly satisfying pork soup dumplings in chinatown, then later hop on a train where your friend starts scheming about taking her tour to paris and bringing you on board as her mentor slash photographer (yes and yes), and arrive in the east village where you share headphones and a long heart to heart about dreams and music and soul and innovation and healing the world over cups of coffee while observing the waiters swarm around you, curious as to what you could possibly be talking about for so long.


§ 2 Responses to rocks and caves and dreams.

  • linda says:

    you can only have that sort of perfect day in NYC. sigh

    • i’ve had some pretty perfect days in austin. replace subways with buses, columbus circle with south mall, museum of arts and design with the blanton, soup dumplings for madam mam’s pad see ew, this friend for you, reading for journal writing, east village coffee for mozart’s… 🙂

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